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Have you ever wondered what the machine in the hall closet is doing? Probably not unless it quits working. If your air conditioning system gives up on you in the heat of summer or during a cold winter night, it is time to call an HVAC contractor. Your A/C unit is likely the most complex system in your home, and it takes an
Grafton MA 01519 experienced professional to assess the problem and make repairs.
1 HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. There are many types of units on the market today, but the most popular systems consist of an indoor unit called an air handler, an outdoor unit called a condenser unit, and a ventilation system called duct work. These three systems work together to provide cooling or Grafton MA 01519 heating for your home or office.

HVAC systems are very safe. There are multiple levels of sensors and failsafe circuits that will pick up on a problem before damage occurs. The most common causes of unit failure usually have to do with the age of your unit and how long it has suffered from poor airflow. Some systems last for over twenty years while
Grafton MA 01519 others can fail in as little as ten.

There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take as a homeowner before you call a professional. The first, and possibly the most common problem with air flow, has to do with your air filter. It is important to change your filter regularly to maintain proper air flow to your unit. Anytime a filter gets dirty, Grafton MA 01519 it restricts air flow to the unit. This restriction puts stress on the moving parts and reduces the amount of air being pushed through your duct work.
3 Occasionally, the problem can be heard. Anytime your unit makes a noise that is beyond normal, turn it off and call a professional. This can also work in the opposite way. If you do not hear anything, Grafton MA 01519 there could be trouble. In either case, the unit should be turned off to prevent further damage. Your timely response can make the difference between a simple repair and the high cost of replacing an entire unit.

The need for a reputable, experienced contractor cannot be understated. There are multiple moving parts, numerous electrical components, and, on top of all that, there is the Grafton MA 01519 refrigeration process. Becoming a certified takes many hours of study and testing because of the complexity of A/C systems. The technician must essentially be proficient in three or four separate trades to perform work on a unit.
2 If a new unit is needed, your HVAC contractor will advise you on which type of system will be best for you. Air conditioning systems Grafton MA 01519 are becoming more energy efficient every day. Investing in a new unit can save a bundle on energy costs over the years. When you find a trustworthy professional to handle the job, you can rest assured that your home will always be at the right temperature whether summer or winter.

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